a new familiar place

Tumblr has informed me that my blogging life made it successfully through its terrible (post-devoid) 2’s and was birthed 3 years ago today! Figured to celebrate I would throw a little post in here incase any one is still following this travel blog.

With last year being my solo venture to Europe, this season has felt a bit lack-luster inspirationally; though some quick, magical weekend trips have been peppered into 2013, and this was my favorite. For my birthday, two friends and I headed a few hours north, hopped the Anacortes Ferry to Orcas Island to stay on an organic farm and to pretend we were pacific northwest islanders for a few days. 

With the scarcity of cell service, we contentedly stowed our mobile devices away in the car and explored in the way we did when we were kids - untangled from technology, on summer vacation. Gently scolded by a local for locking my car doors outside her shop, I quickly learned to drop my city-instilled paranoia and to relax. Needless to say, being on the island was a minor culture shock. There was an obvious outweighing of women over men, and many of the women working in the local shops came off strong and self-sufficient. Through chatting with them we found out many of them were just that - entrepreneurs / independent business owners, single mom’s striving to live healthier lives and to provide a simple more organic upbringing for their children. One woman described living on the island as a “safe environment to cultivate the lives we’ve always wanted to live”. Part of that made me sad, to see these women striking out on their own for whatever reason, but I was also comforted by the fact that they’ve found a place in this country to grow this subculture that is seemingly uninfluenced by mass media, free of uptight social standards, and non-engulfed by the rapid advancements in technology. 

I wanted to tuck my camera away with my cellphone, but I’m sure I would have regretted not capturing the beauty of this place to share with you. I also was coincidentally commissioned to take some photos to be printed, large format, for display at East Sound’s only grocery store, the Island Market, and above are a few that will be on permanent display.

If you are a Portlander, and you get a chance to take a long weekend, this place is a no-brainer vacation spot. It is unreal to me how many amazing and diverse places there are to discover in the proximity of this city. 

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